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Gig Reminder - November 21st @ Wild Wing in Alpharetta 

Hey Geek fans!! Just a friendly reminder that our show this weekend will be at the Wild Wing Café in Alpharetta @ 9:30pm instead of Front Page News in Midtown as was previously scheduled. That's good news for our friends OTP! But not to worry ITP folks. We've got you covered in December! On Dec 5th, we'll be back at Ri Ra Irish Pub in Midtown and on New Year's Eve we'll be at Front Page News in Little 5 Points! More details to come on those shows but go ahead and mark your calendars now!!

See ya all at WWC…Read more

Tomorrow's Forecast: Sunny with a 100% Chance of Beer, Food and Geeks! 

Although the last Geeks appearance at an ABF event ended up being a success, the weather was crap!! Fast forward to now and the forecast for tomorrow's Acworth Craft Beer Fest couldn't be better. Perhaps it could be a tad bit warmer but we'll take a little cold weather over the rain any day! Hope all you beer lovers and Geek faithful can make it out for the event! It's gonna be a good one!

For more info on the festival (including a list of the beer vendors and ticket info) please visit the official website…Read more

Barbecue, Beer and Geeks! 

For the past few years we've been fortunate enough to be invited to perform at one or more of the annual events hosted by Atlanta Beer Festivals. That streak continues this year with The Geeks performing at three ABF events starting with Hogs & Hops this Saturday, April 11th at The Masquerade Music Park. Hogs & Hops was the first event we did with ABF back in May 2012 so we're pretty excited to have the chance to play it again this year! It's one of the few (if not only) ABF events for which the entry…Read more

Beauty and The Geeks 

A few weeks ago The Geeks made their first appearance at Joey's in Douglasville. Jessie Paige and her band The Village Idiots (a staple band @ Joey's) were in the house that night celebrating her birthday. We heard she had a pretty powerful voice so we invited her up to belt out a few and she certainly did not disappoint! In her Marvel superhero dress (that she designed herself btw) and Geek Chic spectacles, she graciously joined us on stage for three songs that really allowed her to show off those pipes. … Read more

It's GEEK-tober!! 

Hey Geek fans! Fall is in full swing! Baseball playoffs have started, we're 5 weeks into football and hockey is finally here! (Yeah, I know. No one cares about hockey here in Atlanta.) After a couple months away from midtown, The Geeks are back for two shows in their stomping grounds. They'll kick things off Saturday at Ri Ra Irish Pub. So come out and get your Geek on!

Once You Go Geek...

When's the last time you heard any cover band start their second set with "Alright stop, collaborate and listen" and then proceed to break into a medley of Ice Ice Baby, Girl You Know It's True and U Can't Touch This? Those "guilty pleasure" songs are the foundation of each and every Geeks show. And when you see and hear The Geeks perform these classics, you can't help but jump, dance, sing, shout or all of the above. What started out as a local cover band dressing up for Halloween turned into the increasingly popular, highly in-demand, party rockin' entertainment outfit now known as The Geeks.

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